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Family Ministries focuses on people in relationship.  Family Life Ministries is for the entire church and community!

Family Ministries is a discipling center desiring to strengthen the family.  The family was established by divine creation as the fundamental human institution.  It is the primary setting in which values are learned and the capacity for close relationships with God and with other human beings is developed.  

Family Ministries is a ministry of grace which acknowledges the biblical teachings relating to the family and holds high God's ideals for family living.  At the same time, it brings an understanding of the brokenness experienced by individuals and families in a fallen world.  Thus Family Ministries seeks to enable families to stretch toward divine ideals, while at the same time ever extending the good news of God's saving grace and the promise of growth possible through the indwelling Spirit. 

Our church has a rich diversity of families and each one is an integral part of the whole.  We offer several activities and seminars throughout the year in support of this.  Please look over your calendar for up to date information on any particular activity!

Please also look over our monthly family newsletter:  Family Witness.  Join us for the 3rd Sabbath of each month from 4:30pm-5:30pm for our regular Families In Prayer.  This will be for all of 2012.  This is FREE to all!  We will pray together

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Families Blessing Families Handout information-Great ideas for things you can do with your family---together!
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